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Schmoozing at Schultze

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Posted on September 21, 2014 at 8:04 PM
Around Niagara Region PTA
November 22nd
NYS PTA newly installed Executive Committee. From left to right, Judy Van Haaren, Secretary; Kelly Stephenson, VP; Donna Imobersteg, VP; Jane Harsha, VP, Bonnie Russell, President; Penny Hollister, VP; Gracemarie Rozea, 1st VP; & Neil Johanning, Trea…
November 22nd
NYS PTA Bylaws chairman, our very own Janet Steggles, reporting on proposed bylaws changes during Convention. Photo by Susan Lipman.
November 22nd
David Steggles being installed as the treasurer of Empire State PTSA. Don't worry Niagara Region David's not leaving us! Photo by Susan Lipman.
November 20th
Our Region Board braves the weather to attend the monthly board meeting. #nrpta Region PTA (@nrpta) posted a photo on Twitterpic.twitter.comGet the whole picture - and other photos from Niagara Region PTA
November 16th
State Membership Coordinator Sean Hannam (right from Niagara Region!!) Presenting State Membership awards.